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Who we are
Experienced. International. Independent.
Partners for sustained growth.

TheBridge Company supports sustained growth for leading global providers of Consumer goods and services.

We are an independent partnership of internationally experienced experts, strong on execution, innovative, and highly individual.
Diligently and responsibly we support our Clients‘ success, across the globe. Though informed by decades of experience in brand-driven Consumer business, our solutions are always developed individually, in close personal cooperation with our Clients’ Management. They are both designed for the long run and unusually innovative. We convince through efficient performance and fully measurable results, not through self-promotion and politics.

We believe in our Client's success and growth, tailored solutions for each individual business challenge, continuous learning and advancement of our employees, and a shared responsibility for the people we work with and the environment we live in. Most of our work revolves around three strategic focal points - Brand, Consumer and Digital – where we keep innovating and growing our capabilities. They range from Consumer-centric strategies to connecting Brand operations, marketing and all sales channels, to the minutest detail of building big data enabled Digital platforms – inspiring people to join in all the way.

Consistently doing this, TheBridge Company has proven a trusted partner for publicly listed as well as family owned world market leaders. On both sides of the desk, and in countless countries across the world we have driven sustained successes. But we can never rest. Our Clients’ challenges motivate us, to help them do better, to find sustainable solutions. On the way we take great care not to follow a fixed ‘method’ or even a ‘model’. We seek the novel solution, to precisely fit the Client’s individual challenge.

We promote the growth of our Clients in various Consumer markets. We unite exceptional expertise with convincing execution, keeping our Clients ahead of their competitors. This is achieved again and again, through offering high-end solutions in the areas of Consulting and Retail Services.

Focused. Personal. Sustainable. Independent.


The Bridge Company Consulting is not a typically diffuse consulting firm, our Retail Services are more competent than their usual competitors. We only offer our support to Managers of Consumer businesses in areas we know exceptionally well. Only there, and we mean it. All our Clients benefit from our authentic experience, deep understanding and relentlessly updated knowledge about Best Practices that are really relevant. And they benefit from our precision.


We will never offer standard solutions to our Clients.
We will only ever work in deeply trusting, intensely personal relationships with them. And only together will we achieve the best results, always.


For our Clients, real tangible results count, not the amount of paper produced. We commit ourselves to real successes, sustained and measurable for the long run. We take responsibility for them, and accountability.


Less is often more. We are not part of a large professional services group, but are shaped and led by a group of active partners with a long international track record and common convictions. Independence improves the quality of our advice and our services. Our Clients appreciate that we voice our opinions in conversations with them, and that we are completely open on what we observe.

Individual. Co-operative. Taking the long view. Dedicated to More.


All of our staff live their individualism. We abhor streamlined yes-people, preferring our partners and employees to be strong-willed and outspoken, sometimes appearing quite idiosyncratic. But all of them share three core attributes: Tremendous experience in their specialty fields, real empathy despite strong opinions, and a deep commitment to benefit their Clients. We promote life-long learning and advancement of our employees and partners. Only this ensures being open for new developments and building a mindset that strives to go the extra mile and is constantly seeking new solutions. We encourage them to step outside their comfort zone to seek new challenges. This enables growth - both for our employees and ultimately for our Clients.


We think and act in an independent way and dont like to hide behind a «team». But we always look for the right solutions with our Clients. We do everything to find those solutions together, and we stay on to drive execution. This is how personal trust grows, over years.

Taking the long view

We are conservative because we look first and foremost for solutions that stay successful for a long time. We don’t follow fads. In fact, taking the long view means that whatever we recommend must stand the test of time. So our projects concentrate on the challenges international Consumer businesses face today and in the future. This is why our partnership includes active scientists doing research on exactly those future challenges.

Dedicated to More.

We think and act for positive change beyond our work. Our staff are making a difference in providing services to communities, some fight for more European integration, others actively contribute to youth programs, in teaching, in programs to support people less fortunate. Most important to us all is international exchange. We create new perspectives in life, and provide direct opportunities to individuals. Across many borders. Repeatedly.

Proud of Traditions. Multicultural. Global Player.

Proud of Traditions

We are rooted in Germany, but right at home across the globe. We all have different backgrounds - from science to management to execution - and are proud of what we have achieved together, and are highly confident that the best is yet to come.


We have been creating and building lasting successes in key emerging markets like China, Russia or South America for many years, very much as long as we’ve also been growing our successful track record in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Our engagements take us around the globe and we are able to cope with the challenges associated with it. We are fully at ease navigating today's world of globally connected and multicultural workforces.

Global Player

We mostly work for Clients outside our home country Germany. More specifically, over two thirds of our Consulting wing’s engagements take place outside our home region, creating local value for our Clients. We always provide individual Client-specific solutions and don’t claim to be able to answer every possible question. But in our chosen areas of expertise we are acknowledged competency leaders, on a global scale.

Individual. Strong on execution. Committed to success.

TheBridge Company is a Strategy Boutique effecting Growth across the globe.

We provide high-end consulting services to leading vendors of Consumer goods and services, along the entire value chain. We are driven by and focusing on today’s challenges in growing a global Consumer business.

Combining Brand and Consumer focus is a key challenge our Clients face, and we support them in building consistently consumer-focused performance across all structural layers and functions. Today, this must consider the relevant Digital dimensions. We help our Clients to sustainably marry Consumer Business requirements and Technology - especially where data driven insights become essential for Consumer-facing processes and decision making.

We support change makers across functions and leverage the best from different worlds. We excel in breaking through complacency and silos. As trusted partners to our Clients we discover and grow solutions to empower them, to build new capabilities and sustainably reach their full potential. Our solutions are always custom made, developed in close liaison with our Clients’ Management. They are both designed for the long run and unusually innovative. We convince through efficient solutions and measurable results, not through self-promotion and politics.




We answer key questions of global Management.
Along the value chain. Across disciplines.

Based on our key strategic pillars - Brand. Consumer. Digital. - we support decision makers and shapers in global Consumer business. We help them identify their very specific opportunities and risks, and their needs for change, always including digital. We find convincing ways to apply this knowledge for the best of our clients.

Strategy Development, Business Transformation & Executive Advisory

Marketing, Brand & Consumer Centricity

Digital & Innovation

Omni Channel Management


Meet the highest Standards.

Our consultants can and consistently do meet the highest standards in expertise, creating sustainable benefits to their personal Clients. This is why we are just active in those areas of global Consumer business we really know inside-out. Our expertise genuinely stands out because it concentrates on just four industries.

Sporting, Fashion & Luxury Goods

Consumer Durables

Media, IT & Telecommunications


We Realize Successful Brand Presentations.

The impact and attraction of Brands never seize to fascinate us.

& Maintenance

This is why we have made the requirements of modern Brand presentations our business. So every Consumer can really experience their Brand in Retail, authentic and up close. We transport, install, repair, place, assemble, equip and care for your Brand presentation, assortments and products. In Retail, at trade shows, at roadshows. With our unique know-how and a fully capable infrastructure in Germany and across Europe we make sure your Brand appearance moves the Consumer and delivers just what you expect it to do  make your Brands promises come true, and sell, sustainably.

We give our all for your Brands, and fight for consistent experiences of Brand and product, on a global scale. We create the foundation for this by helping you comprehensively plan the Consumer Brand experience in Retail, we manage and actually do the initial implementation work, and we keep your Brands appearance alive and up to the highest standards, for sustained success. We take care of much of the daily routine for our Clients organization, hold up all ends of the required intense communication across many places, feed all interfaces, and we keep thinking ahead.

Retail is detail. Our staff never cut corners, never take their eyes off. We are alert to the minutest detail, always on a mission for the Brand. We know all the different sales channels and their peculiarities. From deep local roots to cross-national presence we know exactly which local conditions to expect and deal with. And we have been cultivating personal relationships with countless local partners in Retail, very often for decades.

Powered by this unrivalled intimate knowledge, our methods perfected over a very long time, and our friendly yet precise and reliable way of communicating, we elicit exceptional performance from your Retail partners, for comprehensive and consistent execution. We are honest and open, matching your expectations with those of your strongest partners, and achieving realistic yet excellent results, based on mutual transparency.
We Free Your Organization, Taking Care of Details.

You expect displays and POS materials to safely find their way to your Retail partner and the specific locations agreed.

New products must be combined with existing layouts and sold using existing displays. You might come up with new ideas and tasks very often, and quickly. Yet, in flexibly delivering on all your requirements we still put our focus on quality. Installation and care for your Brand presentation will always be up to the highest professional level, exceedingly well-prepared, accompanied by a comprehensive step-by-step guidebook, effective training – and permanent monitoring.

Working with you on a daily basis, we are

- Interface, efficiently handling all contacts between you and your Retail partners,
- Coordinator, synchronizing logistics and timing,
- Information Handler, preparing fast and comprehensive
reports, ensuring full transparency.

We will be your operational consultants

- helping you fully communicate with your display and fittings designers and manufacturers, providing clarity on process steps, and building mutual commitment,
- creating individual packaging concepts for safe transport of your Brand presentation,
- checking logistics concepts for efficiency, scalability, and overall effectiveness.

For your administration we provide

- Binding proposals within 48 hours,
- Clear and comprehensive service level agreements and pricing models,
- Reports online, if necessary within 48 hours as well,
- Billing based on purchase order sequence.

Fully Informed, Faster.

Our local experts are working for our Clients on the spot, at various Points of Sale.

There they don’t just perform their project specific tasks, they can collect a wealth of additional data while doing so. They fully understand and see what is going on locally, down to the smallest of details, and they are well-respected partners to the local Retailers. All this leads to a treasure trove of data they may potentially gather, representing real added value.

Connected to data gained through Mystery Shopping and from other sources (e.g. Social) the opportunities for fast and actionable insights can go far beyond the use of sales data that may or may not be provided by Retail partners. We integrate all local findings into databases with highly developed Client-specific reporting functionalities. And we love to feed them into your Business Intelligence systems. This truly delivers a completely new level of monitoring PoS performance. Proven to work locally, nationally, across borders – and yes, even on a global scale.

Retail and PoS Reporting Tools:

Specific solutions for our Clients have grown into powerful localized CRM tools:
- Individual process representation and controlling interface
- Campaign planning to the smallest of details
- Web based platform, accessible to any networked device
- Interfaces to countless database formats
- Scalable functionalities

Almost 10,000 Missions Completed In 2017.

A perfect impression on the Consumer is absolutely indispensable for your Brand presentation selling effectively and growing your success at the PoS.

This applies to all Consumer products, regardless of the type of product, regardless of channel, and even in Emerging Markets.

We build and sustain that perfect Consumer impression, for good. No matter if the essential elements are free-standing or integrated with PoS architecture, no matter when they have first been set up, no matter what has been or still needs to be added, re-modeled or renovated. Your presentation may be constructed from all kinds of materials, it may also use complex sensing, lighting, imaging and audio technologies. Logistics, repairs, module exchanges, upgrades or improvements – our local teams achieve amazing results, no matter how challenging the mission.

This performance is made possible by a set of project managers who set benchmarks for professional capability, efficiency, and an immense dedication to serving their personal customers – you.

All our service technicians come with relevant higher level degrees in interior design, technical and building trades, and they are much different from who you would usually meet in our industry. The have been chosen with considerably more care, better trained, their skills continuously expanded, their service quality very closely monitored – and they are better rewarded. We are convinced they are the best the industry has to offer. They share a passion for detail, the ability to think and deliver way beyond expectations, exceptionally high motivation to achieve the best results for our Clients, and a unique level of respect from their personal local PoS partners, in Germany, and across Europe.

Key Facts:

• Over 150 top quality service technicians in Germany,
• One central and 6 regional Distribution Centers in Germany, all working on 24hour shifts,
• Europe-wide coverage with certified partners in 28 countries.

Warehousing and Transport: Based on our extensive daily experience handling displays and shop systems we have designed our service portfolio and processes to optimally meet your individual requirements.

During the planning phase we already advise you on how packaging should be built and functioning.

From our cooperation with countless PoS system and display manufacturers we know a wide variety of ways to react to changing priorities or unforeseen events – and still keep the planned launch date.

Too good to be destroyed. We refurbish used display and presentation systems for another cycle of use with carefully selected Retail partners.
The Right Product. The Right Place. The Agreed Price.

Every Consumer Brand strives for emotional impact, a convincing positioning, and a fully aligned execution at the PoS, reinforcing the desired Brand Values.

If Consumers are to decide on buying your Brand, picking it again and again, then none of the factors in making those continued decisions must be left to chance. Our exceptionally qualified people know the necessary details. Every day they worry about the availability of your product. They place it at the right time, in the best available space, at the agreed price.

Always meeting the basic requirements:

• Product availability on shelf
• Correct pricing
• Placement based on overall layout
• Promotion materials fully available as planned

Our service portfolio far exceeds traditional rackjobbing. Our expert staff know how to better equip and effectively train PoS salespeople, and they gladly provide additional revenue via focused sales promotions.

Additional services:

• Promotions, additional placements
• Enhanced product availability (buffers and fast response)
• Placement optimization based on individual PoS facility specifics
• Dedicated replenishment process for promotion materials
Your Brand deserves to stand out and convince – repeatedly inspiring and winning Consumers, preferably for life. We provide you with full control over all the PoS you need to manage, make improvements happen fast and consistently, and report to you on a daily basis, online and with a wealth of background.

Are you ready for a new challenge?
Learn more...
Growing Together. Effecting Change Together.

Exceptional People are our capital and Create our Success.

We believe in brilliant people, always ready to meet new challenges, who still crave learning, are thrilled by Consumer business, combine flexibility with structured thinking, and a clear results orientation. Our Clients value the diversity of character combined with the utmost of mutual respect our teams bring to the table – you’ll have to be compatible. The rest we are ready to share and teach.

TheBridge Company offers a clear perspective for your career. Our approach, the wide variety of Client challenges we address, our teams’ diversity in excellence – all these combine to give you a truly exceptional wealth of opportunities to grow your skills, and yourself.

Are you ready to grow and effect change, together with some exceptional people? Take a closer look at the career details in both our Consulting and Retail Services wing and solicit with us. Still not sure which area might suit you better? No issue! Just contact us via careers@thebridge-company.com

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